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Success stories


On this page, some of my clients share their success stories and how Mind Detox and Mind Calm has helped them let issues go and move forward. Take heart from their outcomes that when you have the right tools, change is possible.




I thoroughly recommend this meditation practice! 6 hours with Becci has changed my mindset for the better and my mind is far more centred. Such a worthwhile investment and something really worth exploring.


Nick, Tunbridge Wells




Such a simple yet profound technique that really changes the relationship with your mind. After just a week of practicing the meditation twice daily my mind has already become calmer and more present and I am noticing a difference in how I respond to everyday stress.


Tanya, Tunbridge Wells




"I just wanted to say a big thank you for your time yesterday and for my Mind Detox. You were absolutely right that I could not even imagine how it would feel to be free of the feeling of 'not being good enough' it was such a deeply entrenched belief.

Yesterday I went for a swim, something I do because I feel I have to - it's never been something I enjoy because I have always felt that it is something I'm not good enough at!

Well, it was just an amazing experience - I was so present that it was a totally immersive experience where I swam in awareness of the light, the feel of the water, the way my muscles were moving - everything. It was like the most amazing meditation. And I left feeling joyful.

So. Wow. Amazing! Such a big shift in such an unexpected way.

It was really great to experience your way of doing the Mind Detox and I have learnt a lot from it. So thank you for making this available to me."

And 3 days later she added:

"I've also noticed that I've had a LOT more energy over the last 3 days so I have beenable to get loads done!"

KT, Cambridge



One word - "Wow!" Doing the mind detox with Becci was an amazing experience for me as it gave me insight into what had been holding me back and helped me to let it go. And I am talking here about almost life-long things that I didn't realise were happening where I was sabotaging my own happiness.

The positive impact of it went beyond the session, as Becci equipped me with what I needed to go forwards and change my life for the better on many levels. Becci is insightful and kind, and I truly valued how she reflected back to me what I needed to learn. I now feel better able to lead my life in a way that I love it even more!"

Hazel, Hazel Addley Coaching



Becci Harvey is one of the warmest and most supportive people you will meet. She is very skilled at the Mind Detox process and has many tools for guiding you through the process when you get "stuck". I had bought the book but was struggling with it, and she showed me the skills to apply the process properly. 

Moira, East Sussex




When I suffered from very strong anxiety I found Mind Detox process as something that could help. And it did. After three weeks I felt much stronger. We worked on issues such as the anger I accumulated during past years, on overthinking which my mind tends to do, and anxiety and panicking. This process threw light on many issues I needed to work through in order to move on. And I did. 

Thank you Becci.

Karen, Kent



I have had a couple of Mind Detox sessions with Becci and although I felt I would benefit from a mental 'spring clean' I was quite sceptical about how it would work and what it could do for me.

It was perfect to do via Skype as it felt quite personal as though we were in the same room.

Becci's warmth and energy shone through and made me feel at ease, safe and positive as the session went on.

The results were surprising and it was strange to stir up old memories but over the next few days I felt as if a weight had shifted and I could  get on with things without the familiar anxiety and worry swamping everything! I think it is well worth doing.

Julia Alemany-Bird, Cambridgeshire



I worked with Becci using the Mind Detox technique and I was amazed how we cut through long standing issues to the hidden emotions beneath. After the first session I noticed an improvement but releasing the first layer allowed other feelings to emerge and I had another session to address those. I would definitely recommend this technique, especially to anyone struggle to understand why they feel or behave the way they do. It makes quick work of difficult problems!

Angel, Kent



I chose to do Mind Detox as I had confidence issue's with my horse after a fall last year. I didn't realise at the time how much it would affect me later on. Getting back to riding helped however there was still a nagging feeling that stopped me from fulfilling the potential I had, preventing me from moving on and the worst part was I didn't know what it was. After feeling nervous every time I rode (passing it onto my horse) I realised that I needed to do something about it and that is when Becci suggested Mind Detox. 

I came to the Mind Detox fairly open minded and willing to give anything a try but I didn't know what to expect or how I was going to react. The process itself was very interesting and inspiring. The soft music, sounds of chimes and a very comfortable atmosphere helped me to relax during the experience. Each question asked helped me to build up a clearer picture of why I was feeling the way I did and together Becci and I managed to pin it down and release it through various intriguing techniques.

Afterwards I felt trouble free. It felt amazing to feel that all my worries had disappeared and to have the feeling that I could move on.

Since the session my confidence has grown in leap and bounds - passing on to my horse - allowing our relationship and riding to grow. The difference in my riding is indescribable as I can ride without feeling stressed and worried.

I would recommend this to anybody and everybody. With a person like Becci you can release any issues and concerns while feeling comfortable and relaxed. I am thoroughly grateful and thankful for the session and would definitely do it again.

Kathryn, (age 15)



I have been through the Mind Detox Method twice with Becci and it has been very successful in dealing with my personal problems of breathing difficulties and a poor long term memory.


Becci seemed to have a thorough knowledge of Mind Detox.


She instinctively knew exactly which questions to ask to discover the root cause of the problems and bring about a release.


Thanks Becci,


David Bolton, Reiki Master and Teacher



Admittedly, I was a bit cynical of Mind Detox when I tried it. I thought it sounded too much like a quick fix. I was really surprised at how well it worked. Becci was an empathetic and effective healer and made me feel at ease and comfortable talking about difficult memories/feelings. Our sessions helped me overcome and leave behind some unhelpful behaviours. They also complemented other therapeutic work I was doing at the time. Overall, I am very satisfied with the results.

Nathan, Journalist, Author and Poet.



I came to Becci to deal with a specific health issue (my skin) but in fact came away having explored issues far deeper than just my skin. She was able to throw new light on a personal issue that had been dogging me and upsetting me for decades and I came away with a new perspective that has helped me tremendously. I felt freer and more aware, and with this new awareness, the issue was an issue no more! I was very impressed with Becci and her professional knowledge on a variety of therapies. I enjoyed the session and would recommend it to anyone wanting to get to the root cause of a problem, whether phsyical or mental.

Hannah, Hertfordshire



I really enjoyed it [the Mind Detox session] and if I hadn't thought it had done me some good, even in the short term, then I wouldn't have suggested it to my Mum. I really hope it'll have a longer term benefit too. I am certainly still feeling more relaxed even though my week has been pretty stressful. I'd definitely consider coming to see you again if there were other issues.

Gemma, Kent


Many thanks again for the work you have done with me. This is a very powerful method which I feel is much more effective than traditional methods when you just talk over problems.

I definitely felt 'lighter' as I left but mainly my head feels now clearer. I hope this feeling will remain in the future. My new attitude also reflected in my partner who was more willing to open up this evening as I was less critical or judgemental. Self acceptance is a key aspect for me and only then will I be able to accept others as they are. I have learnt a lot including to let go of painful memories to move forward in my life. I will continue my reading of Sandy Newbigging's book and keep practising the reiki mantra on peace you showed me.

Sarah, Kent



Fantastic session! I felt so great afterwards! Becci was patient, diligent and so reassuring - she worked with me to get to some really eye-opening and empowering learnings. Thank you!

Francesca Lepori, Mind Detox trainee

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