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"Thank you for a lovely day last Saturday. You're very gifted at holding a group together. I came away inspired for my classes this week and they've gone super well." 







I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thanks so much for the last 6 weeks - learning Mind Calm has had a huge impact on my life and so many of the things that I previously saw as problems (causing stress and anxiety) have simply melted away.         N Rickard, Kent 




Body Wisdom 5 Week Online Course

Mon 1st  - 29th June 2020


(5 part online course)








Join these fun and easy workshops to transform your relationship with your mind, your body and your life!




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"Dear Becci, Thank you so much for the weekly sessions, I have enjoyed them and benefited from it. Especially during this very strange time." 
Emma, YoYo Design Ltd







Becci Godfrey is a Calm Meditation Coach as acredited by Sandy Newbigging's Calm Academy and a member of the Association for Coaching.


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Inner Power

Health, happiness and success comes from harnessing our Inner Power. In this online workshop, wellbeing expert Becci Godfrey shared a way to access inner healing powers to benefit every aspect of your life.


Through a simple awareness raising exercise learn how to develop your relationship to your innate power so that you can support your nervous system, release tension and activate your bodies healing ability. This technique is perfect to help you with stressful experiences and to let go of overthinking so you can live the life you were destined to live!




Enjoyed that? Then you might like this...


Body Wisdom - starts 1st June 8.15pm


Body Wisdom


Join this 5 week online course to for those new to mind body health and those already familiar with the mind-body-soul connection to learn advanced techniques to help you let go of stress and support the yourself to heal and stay healthy.


Why learn?


When we experience significantly more stress than we do support the mind and body adapt in a number of ways. These might be:

  • a loss of mental function (being spaced out, memory loss, poor concentration, emotionally numb)
  • physical issues (insomnia, health conditions, weight loss/weight gain, loss of strength) 
  • spiritual inbalance (a feeling of missing out, loss of purpose, oversensitivity to energy and emotions).


To heal, requires us to create the optimum environment for our innate wisdom to return our body, mind and soul to a state of harmony, so that we can experience a passionate and aligned life.


Body Wisdom will allow you to facilitate the healing process and discover your true purpose for being born.


In this 5 week course you will:

  • Connect with your hearts greatest desire
  • Access your deep innate wisdom
  • Heal unhelpful mental patterns messing with your wellbeing
  • Give your body the opportunity to experience deep rest
  • Clear past trauma
  • Let go of worry and fear
  • Learn how to stay in the present so you experience oneness and unity.


Body Wisdom is a personal development programme to help you develop your relationship with yourself, others, your body, your health, your life and your world.


The course includes Sandy Newbigging's 10 part Body Calm meditation technique, how to understand the hidden messages in your health conditions and life circumstances, deep healing experiences through breath and awareness and a chance to spend time with and ask questions to a health and healing expert.


This course is suitable for anyone wishing to improve wellbeing, discover their purpose, heal a health condition, live in the present, improve their relationships and positively support themselves through the current circumstances.


Participants can expect to increase their present moment awareness, reduce mind chatter, let go of past trauma and feel more themselves.


Healing happens as fast as the individual is ready. This course will give you an excellent toolkit to understand your body's hidden messages and facilitate the healing process that can be practiced well beyond the 5 week course with access to the replays for 6 months after the event. Body Wisdom forms part of a comprehensive toolkit of healing options and ongoing support offered by Becci Godfrey. 



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