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"Thank you for a lovely day last Saturday. You're very gifted at holding a group together. I came away inspired for my classes this week and they've gone super well." 






Becci Godfrey is a Calm Meditation Coach as acredited by Sandy Newbigging's  Calm Academy and a member of the  Association for Coaching.







Body Wisdom 5 Week Online Course

Mon 1st  - 29th June 2020


(5 part online course)






Join these fun and easy workshops to transform your relationship with your mind, your body and your life!




Want your company or organisation to learn how to be Calm and well? 


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"Dear Becci, Thank you so much for the weekly sessions, I have enjoyed them and benefited from it. Especially during this very strange time." 
Emma, YoYo Design Ltd



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Body Calm Meditation


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Stress is regarded as the main cause of physical conditions and meditation has been consistently proven to reduce stress and support the body's own healing process.


Body Calm Meditation introduces you to a powerful way to encourage enhanced health and happiness through a technique that understands and engages the importance of the mind-body connection.


Body Calm gives your body the rest it needs to recover, while bringing about greater harmony with your mind, body, soul and life circumstances.


During this life changing learning we will explore:


  • The philosophy at the heart of Body Calm and how applying it to your own life can help you to heal, stay healthy and be happier
  • The eight hidden sources of stress, bad health and unhappiness
  • Quick start cures for reducing stress and increasing serenity
  • The complete Body Calm Meditation Technique, which can be used with your eyes open and   closed
  • What happens when you meditate and why, so you can be confident it is working and stay on track with your health goals
  • Success stories of others that have had great results as a result of applying this technique.


The course is structured to give participants plenty of time to understand why Body Calm Meditation works, learn and practice the technique and ask questions so you build up a solid experience of Calm.

Follow up support is provided in the form of ongoing meditation sessions and the opportunity to repeat future courses again for free.

If you want to peacefully co-exist with your body and enjoy more health, then Body Calm is the modern-day meditation technique that you've been looking for!



If you have any questions, then get in touch!


"Thank you so much for such a useful session, everyone present at the session fed back as to how nice it was and how many of the team slept so much better that night. I have used it several times since, as I know many members of the team have also."  Julie Acer, Mid Downs Medical Practice 

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