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Meditating Yale Uni Pic 

Meditation Changes Brains for the Better

A new study from Yale University gives scientists a window into the meditating mind, providing evidence that the practice appears to change the way the brain works and could give meditators a leg up when it comes to dealing with mental disorders.




I enjoyed the evening very much indeed and was surprised how easy it was for me to stay focused during meditation.  It is 'me time', which is rare in my life at the moment! Carol


Salt Cave  


Thank you for an incredible and relaxing evening of meditation and salt last night. Alice





Meditation is a brilliant opportunity to take a moment to take stock of the world and let yourself come fully into the present moment where everything is good enough, exactly as it is. Used correctly, meditation can help develop a better and more healthy relationship with your mind, rather than being at the mercy of it, and give your body some much needed rest. Those that meditate regularly share that the practice gives them a deep experience of peace, greater clarity and more resilience in stressful situations. 


Meditation can be described as:


  • a willingness to find inner peace
  • an exploration into your true essence
  • an opportunity to exist beyond the confines of the mind
  • opportunity to let the body rest and heal.


The benefits of meditation are well documented. A significant part of most Eastern religions, where it has been practiced for over 5,000 years, meditation is linked with greater presence and awareness, higher states of mental consciousness, deeper understanding, love and acceptance of the world, well-being and health and lower levels of stress.


This fantastic article collates 76 different studies from across the globe that has found evidence to support the physical and mental benefits oflearning and practicing meditation.


Mind Detox Tunbridge Wells Meditation Group


Mind Detox Tunbridge Wells holds a meditation group fortnightly on a Tuesday in Tunbridge Wells. The group is suitable for experienced meditators and those that have done the Mind Calm meditation course. In this group you are given the opportunity to meet and support like minded people in a group practice, as well as ask questions an explore your experience of meditation further. These sessions are ideal for those that want to make a regular commitment to their health and well-being.


Our favourite place to meditate is The Salt Cave in Tunbridge Wells. The Salt Cave provides a wonderful relaxing environment where tiny negatively ionised salt particles are pumped into the room to mimic the naturally healing microclimate of a real salt cave. This microclimate has a range of beneficial effects for people with breathing disorders such as asthma, sinus issues, chronic bronchitis as well as other conditions such as ear infections, psoriasis and eczema. Salt is wonderfully cleansing, and in our experience when coupled with a meditation, has a strong emotional impact helping to clear emotions allowing people to feel lighter, freer and more at peace.

For more information and to find out where and when we are meeting next check out our Facebook events page or contact Becci to sign up and secure your place, we would be delighted to welcome you.

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