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"The quality of your life, is determined by the quality of the questions you ask." - Life Guru Anthony Robbins.



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Frequently Asked Questions


The Mind Detox Method is a stress reduction technique and does not claim to cure. It should never replace the advice of a physician, doctor or qualified health professional. 



Why do I need a therapist?

In my experience, resolving and find our blind spots are much easier when there are two people. A Mind Detox session with a qualified practitioner is a very powerful experience as you double the amount of energy and intent to overcome your obstacles and reach your desired outcome. A Mind Detox practitioner will skilfully know when you are avoiding confronting an issue and will create a safe and loving space for you to experience healing in. It's more fun with two too! The Mind Detox Method is actually a very fun and light-hearted approach - we certainly make sure there is time to have plenty of laughs.


Do I have to talk at length about my past?

No! There is a small amount of time at the beginning given over to you explaining the context of your case, but after that you move on to why that event was a problem for you and then quickly on to resolving it. It is not necessary to go into the whole 'story', we simply pick out the key facts and transform your experience to include the bits you were missing out at the time. In most cases this is to include a greater, more holistic view of the event and to put it into its proper context. Once that is done and we have installed that new knowledge into your body with a simple visualization technique, you will feel neutral or even positive about the initial traumatic experience and your reason to create the problem associated with it will be gone.


What if I can't think of a memory or root-cause event?

Don't worry. When it comes to it, in 99% of cases a memory does surface because of the nature of questioning. Even if a memory doesn't come up, the unconscious mind is very clever and works in symbols and metaphors. Through the questioning you will come to know all the information you need in order for you to move on and be at peace with your situation. It is important at this point to trust the therapist, trust yourself and trust the process.


How many sessions will I need?

As practitioners we encourage everyone to take full responsibility for their health. In doing this, we empower individuals to listen to their instincts with regards to the number of sessions required to reach their desired goal. For some, one short session will be enough, for others it may require 4 or 5; it all depends on the scale of the problem you wish to resolve and how much you want to achieve. When you are at complete peace and your problem is no longer being created, you will know when it is no longer necessary to have any more sessions.


Why is the Mind Detox Method so quick? And are the results permanent?

The simplicity of the Mind Detox Method, coupled with asking the right questions, can often turn around an experience for someone very quickly. As we are often working with our memories, sometimes ones we remember, or sometimes ones we do not, we work a lot with your unconscious mind.


The unconscious mind is where all your memories are stored and is also the supercomputer where your behavior and emotions are created and the body oversees all healing. Given new information, everyone has the ability to change their beliefs in a heartbeat. This means that even if you have held a known or unknown belief and/or an emotion for 30, 40, 50 or more years and you find good enough reason to, you can choose to believe something different from this moment onwards.


What enables the results to be permanent is actually the fact that you come up with all the solutions. These solutions will be core truths that balance and heal your previous experiences. These are far better than any solutions we could impose upon you as they are chosen by and relevant to you. Once we have found the learnings for your particular situation, we install them physically in the body, then test the work to see how far we have come. Testing the work often shows if there is more to be done or whether a root cause event is fully resolved. We also test to check that you would not find the same experience to be a problem in the future, which is a good indicator to see if the problem is fully cleared.


How much do sessions cost?

Sessions cost £95, or £225 for a block of three (recommended). The price of Mind Detox sessions are perhaps higher than the average conventional talking therapy to reflect the magnitude of the outcomes and the speed and depth that the Mind Detox process works. Sessions can also be longer than the average therapy session, lasting up to 90 minutes where needed. Mind Detox works best when an individual is highly motivated and committed to making positive changes. That said, no Mind Detox practitioner would ever knowingly turn away a client if they were unable, through whatever means, to pay the full rate. Contact me if this applies to you and explain your situation. It is my purpose in life to help people and I will do what I can to make that a reality for you.


Can the Mind Detox Method be done in isolation, or does it need to be in conjunction with other treatments/methods?

The Mind Detox Method can be done and is very successful on its own for resolving the root cause reason for why you are creating a particular problem. However, depending on your desired outcome you may find that you wish to support your mental cleanse with a physical cleanse and a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Professions such as Nutrition Advisers, Chiropractors, Energy Healers and Life Coaches complement Mind Detox well. If desired this is something you are welcome discuss in your consultation, should you need someone to bounce ideas off.


Mind Detox is also suitable for use alongside conventional medicine. Always consult a qualified healthcare professional before embarking on a new course of treatment.


Do you offer any other services?

For me, there is no one perfect approach to resolve a health or performance issue and every client is different. I am a big believer in being multi-disciplinary and if necessary approaching things from more than one angle. For that purpose, I am also a Reiki (energy healing) practitioner and an Equine Assisted Educator. I love Reiki because it is a gentle, non-invasive and very supportive therapy that doesn't require you to talk or know the source of your problems. And I love the Equine Assisted Education because the horses are not only fun and easy to be with, they also teach people life skills such as trust and communication and give deep insights into human behaviour. And of course, all elements of what I do cross over into my other work. For more information on either of these visit www.reikimarkcross.co.uk and www.HorseSenseUK.com


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