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About me - Becci Godfrey Bsc Hons


I've been interested in health and healing for as long as I can remember.


I know how important good health is, as I suffered from Chronic Fatigue from my late teens through to my mid 20's. Since then, I've read many books, tried many treatments and absorbed all the helpful data on health that I can. What I quickly learnt from my Chronic Fatigue experience was that I had to take responsibility for myself if I wanted things to change. I also realised that I wasn't as powerless as I thought I was - I was a co-creator of my reality, and with the right guidance that reality could change.


It took me a while to find Sandy Newbigging's work, but I was grateful when I did (see Waking up to reality - my story). My first experience was with Mind Detox. Mind Detox for me encompassed everything I was looking for - a quick, effective resolution of any mental or emotional issues, without having to go into the whole story. I was looking for something that would turn a negative experience into a positive one, with a therapist that would inspire me and Mind Detox did not disappoint. After my first session I was buzzing! And I knew instantly I had found the missing link for the work I wanted to do.


Shortly after I learnt Mind Detox in 2010, I realised that something else was needed to help people to stay well and deal with the smaller knocks and bumps that life brings. That is when I got interested in Meditation. I first learnt meditation in 2008 so that I could hear and understand my own wisdom better, but soon saw that a regular practice helped me to be in the present moment more and experience less stress in the first place. I now share the wisdom that has been passed on to me through workshops, one to one sessions, corporate wellness programmes and regular meditation groups. All that I have learnt inspires the work I do, and I am very passionate about making it as available to others as possible.


Other qualifications


My degree is Environmental Biology from Nottingham University (1999). I was a Farm Conservation Adviser for four years before I opted for a change in career and to set up my own businesses where I could honour my passion for health, wellbeing and performance. I qualified in the Mind Detox Method in 2011, Mind Calm and Body Calm in 2018 and Calmology in 2019. I am also a qualified Usui Reiki Master Teacher (www.ReikiMarkCross.co.uk) and an Equine Assisted Educator, where I work alongside horses to help people discover who they are and to develop their communication, leadership and team building skills (www.HorseSenseUK.com).


Mind Detox, Mind Calm Meditation, Body Calm Meditation and Calm Cure - collectively know as Calmology - works brilliantly with other treatments, especially when it is combined with a good diet and healthy living. Personally, I am a big fan of time in nature, wellness chiropractic, home grown vegetables, spending time with family and friends and leading a healthy, active and balanced lifestyle. 

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