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 5 reasons to do a Mind Detox...


1) To let go of a health complaint or health condition

2) To reduce stress in your life

3) To let go of the past and move forwards

4) To get better clarity and purpose

5) To open up to new opportunties and embrace new experiences









"One word - "Wow!" Doing the mind detox with Becci was an amazing experience... "


"Many thanks again for the work you have done with me. This is a very powerful method which I feel is much more effective than traditional methods when you just talk over problems."








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Welcome to Mind Detox Tunbridge Wells!

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"No matter what the cause of a problem or illness, it is my belief that given the opportunity, the body is able to heal. Seeing as what we think about matters (is made into matter) when it comes to resolving a health condition, a Mind Detox session to remove any emotional reasons for a condition to exist is a great place to start." Becci Godfrey, Tunbridge Wells based Mind Detox Practitioner












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Becci Godfrey of Mind Detox Tunbridge Wells is a member of The Calm Academy, as created by Sandy Newbigging and the Association of Coaching.




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About Mind Detox


The Mind Detox Method, created by Sandy Newbigging, is an effective and efficient talking technique to help you find and resolve the often hidden root cause reasons for why you behave the way you do so you can move on and achieve your goals. 


Mind Detox works with the knowledge that our behaviour, including our health, is born out of our thoughts. These thoughts and feelings, stored in the unconscious mind, are the filters through which we see our current experiences and are responsible for generating a raft of biological responses designed to protect us any real or imagined threat. These stuck thoughts, feelings or beliefs create stress responses in the body affecting our health, relationships, careers, finances and overall sense of wellbeing.


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The Mind Detox Method is a very simple and effective technique designed to cut quickly through the layers of thoughts and feelings to the first time a problem was created. Through a series of questions either in person or via Skype we work with your unconscious mind to find the cause of your undesirable symptoms. Once established, we can quickly move on to healing and replacing the unhelpful thought patterns, allowing the problem to dissappear. With the right tools, such a change is much easier and quicker than you think.    


The Mind Detox Method often provides quite fascinating insights into your life and is a positive experience. Clients report that they are able to turn a once difficult situation into an opportunity and grow as a result. For others, it can be about letting go of some unhelpful beliefs and embracing a more holistic truth so they can exerience life from a more healthy, peaceful and relaxed place. Check out our Success Stories page to find out how you too could benefit.





"We accomplished in one session what it would take six counselling sessions to achieve." Rachel, Counsellor, Hertfordshire


"Hi Becci, just wanted to say a big thank you for how you've helped to transform my life in the last year. You're pretty amazing." JW, Sussex


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